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Manchester Urology offers Transperineal Magnetic Resonance –Ultrasound (MR-US) Fusion Targeted Prostate Biopsies often in combination with Transperineal Template Prostate Biopsies.  Both of these procedures are performed in collaboration with Nuada Medical.
The Transperineal approach has been proven to have a much lower risk of infection and sepsis. Transperineal MR – US Fusion Targeted Prostate Biopsies provide a diagnostic process which is far more precise and accurate than traditional Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Biopsies (TRUS) biopsies which are currently performed in both the public and private healthcare systems elsewhere in the world. 

MR-US Fusion involves a multidisciplinary approach with a combination of the latest 3 Tesla MRI imaging techniques and then preparation of a map of the prostate with identification and outlining of any abnormal areas by a Consultant Radiologist. This produces a very precise and accurate outline for the Manchester Urology Surgeon. In theatre the live dynamic ultrasound machine is then fused with the previously prepared MR images to allow the surgeon to identify the specific abnormal areas.  Using the transperineal approach, the template is applied so that specific areas can be targeted with precision. This also allows us to record exactly where we have biopsied and ensure we have targeted the abnormal areas sufficiently (Figure 1 and 2)


Figure 1


Figure 2


This precise and accurate prostate cancer diagnostic procedure is available in the North West from the Surgeons in Manchester Urology in collaboration with the London based, Nuada Medical who provide the equipment, radiological and technical support. From a patient perspective this collaboration ensures that the MR Scan and biopsies are performed locally while still using the latest technology available in prostate cancer diagnosis.

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