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Manchester Urology are one of the most experienced and established private urology group in the northwest of England. Not only do they have specialist in every area of urological practice, they also offer exceptional medico-legal services combining decades of experience, both in clinical negligence cases and personal injury claim.. This allows patients and legal teams to receive the best advice and guidance in relation to their unique circumstances, without delay. The vast majority of medicolegal reports are completed and returned within 4 weeks.
We have the highest volume andrology team in the UK outside London. This vast experience allows our surgeons to offer particular insight into cases relating to penile, scrotal, testicular, and infertility related issues as well as providing highly specialised comprehensive medical and surgical therapies for Peyronies disease and erectile dysfunction,

If you would like to find out more please give us a call on 0333 772 0768 or drop us an email 

Medico-Legal feedback

I act on behalf of a Claimant, now aged 18, in clinical negligence claim involving a negligently performed circumcision procedure, resulting in significant injury to the glans of his penis as a child and which has required extensive reconstructive surgery.  I instructed Mr Modgil as my client's medico-legal expert in determining the current condition and long term prognosis of his injuries. Mr Modgil assessed my client with great understanding and sensitivity, which was very much appreciated given the nature of his injuries. Mr Modgil’s report was finalised quickly and was set out extremely comprehensively; duly providing his opinion in a way that was easy for my client and I to understand both legally and medically.  Mr Modgil subsequently advised in a conference with Counsel and was very approachable and easy to talk to.. He is clearly an expert in his field and had extensive medical knowledge, having answered questions regarding his evidence a clear and open manner. Mr Modgil very much helped my client and his legal team to comprehend quite difficult medical terminology and medical anatomy to reach a clearer understanding of possible complications that might occur in the future.  I have no doubt that I will instruct Mr Modgil again on other cases and look forward to working with him. I can highly recommend Mr Modgil as a medico-legal expert in clinical negligence cases.