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A varicocoele is a collection of swollen veins surrounding the testis. It is caused by defective valves is in the major vein that drains the testis. Varicocoeles can cause no symptoms but in some cases can cause symptoms such as a heavy dragging sensation in the testis, particularly after spending periods of time on your feet or after straining or exercising. Varicocoeles can also cause problems with the function of the testes so some patients have problems with sperm production. Varicocoeles can be treated in a number of different ways and at Manchester Urology we have access to all of these and offer all of these approaches. Firstly, there is an approach called embolization which is done by injecting small coils into the veins that surround the testis in order to shrivel them up. Secondly, we can perform an open operation through a small incision in the groin to tie and divide veins using an operating microscope to preserve important structures such as the artery, which carries blood to the testis. Thirdly we can go through the tummy under a general anaesthetic to identify the vein in a keyhole approach and tie and divide the important vein that has the defective valves. All of these approaches offered extremely good success rates and they’re all offered by Manchester Urology.