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Patient update Covid-19

After weeks of lockdown and remote consultations for our patients, we are very pleased to once again to be able offer face to face consultations for our patients where appropriate. Needless to say we will continue to put patient safety first, use appropriate social distancing measures, and also provide telehealth (remote consultations).

For any specific questions on how the service is running please give us a call on 0333 772 0768 or drop us a line  #StaySafe


We see a lot of testicular lumps and patients are often very concerned when they find a lump in their testicle that its going to be a testicular cancer and that can occasionally be the case but its not a common presentation. We can assess this and we can also assess the causes of other lumps in the testicle: things like cysts in the epididymis behind the testicle, fluid around the testicle (hydrocele) and they can all be diagnosed and dealt with within the Manchester Urology clinics and a treatment plan discussed with the patient.