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The term ‘Andropause’ is an adaptation of the well-known term ‘Menopause’ (which affects women) indicating a lowering in male hormones levels with age, in particular Testosterone. It is important to note, testosterone levels can be low regardless of age.

Rather like women, men rely on several hormones to regulate their body and allow it to function optimally. Lowering of testosterone levels beyond a critical point can result in a variety of signs and symptoms including:

Common symptoms of andropause/low testosterone can include:

  • Tiredness/fatigue
  • Decreased strength/ lean muscle mass (gain body fat)
  • Erectile dysfunction (decrease erection rigidity/fewer morning erections)
  • Lower libido (desire to have sex) • Reduced concentration level
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Low mood

Assessment and treatment:

We provide careful assessment including an in depth history, thorough examination, early morning fasting blood tests, and scanning if required. Once we have an understanding of what is causing your symptoms we offer a variety of treatment strategies including lifestyle modification, hormone (testosterone) replacement therapy (taking into consideration your age and fertility requirements), and continued support with regular blood tests and consultations to ensure your symptoms are improving, managing any potential side effects.

We have a multi-disciplinary team meeting to discuss complex cases on a regular basis if required too.

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