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With regards to urinary symptoms they are incredibly common especially as in men especially as they are getting older. Often the first symptom that people have is getting up at night but there are a wide range of symptoms that can be based on the bladder being overactive so you get frequency and urgency and then there are the obstructive type of symptoms so that’s the poor flow hesitancy dribbling and the getting up at night. Also in the emergency situation the ting that everyone worries about is urinary retention, the inability to pass urine at all and if that happens then often a catheter has to be put in in A and E. I think most peoples concerns when they first develop symptoms is do I have prostate cancer and although we need to investigate you to make sure you don’t have prostate cancer the majority of people just have benign growth of their prostate leading to these symptoms. There are lots of things we can do to help with regards to any of these symptoms but it relies on Manchester Urology doing a thorough assessment, examining you, doing some investigations which can include blood tests as well as more invasive tests such as cystoscopy and urodynamics to try and evaluate your urinary symptoms and then come up with a management plan for you. We can almost always improve peoples symptoms either with modification of their diet or fluid balance through to medication and surgical intervention.