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These days there are is a lot of talk about men’s health and it is an extremely important topic for Manchester urology to cover. The reason its important is its incredibly common lots of men develop urinary symptoms as they get older its also important to talk about because people need to be aware that we are there to help them. Lots of men find it difficult to talk to family and friends about urinary symptoms and so its important they know that Manchester urolgy and their GPs are there to help them try to understand these symptoms. It is always important to have these symptoms investigated, you should never ignore a symptom, but we also need to reassure you that the majority of people with these symptoms do not have cancer but we cant tell you that until it has been investigated. So I am just going to go through a few symptoms that people could present with to see how we can investigate them and help them and reassure them. So from a prostate cancer perspective a lot of people start getting up at night , they start going more frequently, urgently when they go to the toilet, they find difficulty passing urine, poor flow hesitancy, dribbling a bit of a dribble afterwards. In the majority of cases these are benign symptoms. But that is also important as Manchester urology can help you help with those symptoms you are describing to try and improve your quality of life. There is nothing worse than having to get up 3 or 4 times at night it can really affect your quality of life. At the same time we need to make sure you don’t have prostate cancer and that involves a rectal examination, PSA blood test and then possibly further investigations depending on the results of these tests.