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Patient update Covid-19

We know our patients are pleased to see a return to some form of normality. We are also acutely aware that each patient has differing anxieties and risk profiles when it comes to COVID-19. That’s why we continue to provide a bespoke service to each patient, ensuring they are comprehensively and promptly looked after regardless of how we communicate with them. We offer face to face, video, and telephone consultation. #staysafe #togetherwecan #togetherwewill

Online consultations available with a Consultant Surgeon, book here.

For any specific questions on how the service is running please give us a call on 0333 772 0768 or drop us a line 


When counselling men who wish to be considered for a vasectomy, we explain carefully to our patients we consider this surgery to be a permanent form a contraception. None the less we appreciate that circumstances change throughout a patient’s life, and around 6% of patient will choose to consider vasectomy reversal.

After careful assessment and counselling, we offer micro-surgical vasectomy reversal performed by our specialist surgeons in male reproductive and sexual health.

For further information, please visit microscopic vasectomy reversal